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We believe every person is a leader and can be further empowered to be a success story. Through our development programs, tailored-fit leadership coaching, and internationally certified Professional Kinesiology education, we are inspiring powerful, life-changing experiences in people and investing in a brighter, more beautiful world.

Meet The Founder

Michelle Chedotal, the world-renowned Accredited Kinesiopractic® Faculty Member Front of The Room Leader for Coaches Training Institute (CTI) USA - coaches people to become professional coaches and excel in both personal and professional life through the CTI curriculum not only in UAE but also all over the globe

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We’ll be more than glad to personally meet you. Visit us on our headquarters at KinesioCoach FZ-LLC, Offices 104-105, Block 11, Dubai Knowledge Park, Dubai, UAE. Click the button below to get our exact map location.

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What We Do

Every master was once a student. At KinesioCoach, we guide our clients to excellence. In any facet of life, we believe that with consistent guidance and practice, everything is possible.

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What Is

Your body is intelligent, it thinks for you. In a perfect world, everything flows smoothly; and your body functions no differently. But when any slight disturbance occurs, it sets nature off balance and problems inevitably arise. Such is the state of dis-ease.

Professional Kinesiology is a science based on a holistic approach to balancing the flow of energies in the human body. Centered on the fundamentals of anatomy and physiology, it is a non-invasive method using accurate muscle feedback to allow the body to heal itself properly. These advanced and highly effective techniques are applied to detect and correct energy blockages by isolating the influences triggering the stress – from socially afflicted sufferings to severe emotional traumas.


The fundamental principle of Professional Kinesiology is simple: it is all based on the flow of energy. Utilizing alternative healing methods, this profound practice delves into the core of the problem and explores the underlying symptoms to identify imbalances in one’s system. By testing the functions and strength of muscles and measuring their energy changes, a kinesiologist determines the structural, chemical, and emotional conditions that may require particular attention and energy balancing.

Professional Kinesiology is not in any way connected to the field of medical science and does not involve diagnostics and treatment of diseases. However, it can complement conventional medicine; if necessary, kinesiology practitioners will encourage their clients to seek proper medical attention.

What it heals

Professional Kinesiology is conceived to confront emotional, mental, and physical disturbances hindering a person’s progress by utilizing interactive tools and methods on a very subtle level. People who are increasingly stressed, facing uncomfortable situations, and lacking direction in life will discover immense benefits from this unique practice.

‍Aside from alleviating pains, Professional Kinesiology offers valuable tools to help resolve relationship issues and promote well-being. This powerful science of energy balancing helps individuals overcome their challenges and brings them closer to realizing their personal and professional aspirations.

Who it benefits

Professional Kinesiology practitioners have been helping for decades thousands of people around the world recover from their sufferings. The great advantage of this therapy is that it is applicable to anyone regardless of age, background, or professional status.

You can be a chief executive officer with a hundred disgruntled employees, an athlete with a worn-out physique, a musician with a broken voice, or an astronaut with no ambition to fly any higher; turning to Professional Kinesiology can offer the remedial answer to your ailment.

What our clients say

“I have been very fortunate to observe Michelle’s speaking, training, and coaching over the course of a year. She is a profoundly effective presenter and trainer combining her in-depth knowledge of energy healing with her extensive experiences in leadership training.

The inspiring command of her subject matter, natural speaking ability, and infectious humor allow her to deliver highly effective strategies and techniques to help release the blocks that are limiting her potential to achieve personal and professional goals.”

Jack Canfield

No. 1 Success Coach in USA

“I wanted to start this email with the usual sentence “first of all I would like to thank you……”, but I thought I need to have another introduction for this email for two reasons, first, it is an ordinary introduction and you deserve an extraordinary one, second, you deserve gratitude from the beginning till the end! So…. My introduction to this email is…. Well… I’ve just said it and you need to act as it has already happened!

With this great advice which I’m practicing every day now, and with the experience to ask and ask and ask which I gained, I’m now changing my life into a better one (Inshallah – with a confident tone, not the usual tone!). Attached is our photo which I posted on my Instagram account, the completion form, and guess what… I’m practicing your last advice by changing my email signature to PMO style!

Wishing you all the best from my new office in PMO!“

Dr. Hamad Al Hammady

Director of Communication - TEO

“Thank you for sharing your perspectives on Rami and his development journey. I truly admire your ability to bring the best out of Rami and put him on the road to leading with passion and impact.We are blessed to have a coach like you working with our leaders.“

Ramakhrisna Movva

Head of Strategic HR – Emirates NBD

“I truly can’t thank you enough for your insights, and questions, shedding the light on the path I should take! You have made me reflect in a different way! A bit uncomfortably at times and made me rediscover ways to lead and feel. I have learned how to claim, guess what, once I did I got what I claimed for! you made me redirect my finger back to me and fix me rather than blocking people I don’t share values with! So many times you finished my sentences and put words I couldn’t articulate in my mouth ….. thank you million times for making me believe in coaching!“

Thank you again.

Maryam Bahlooq


“Honestly, I can’t find any words to describe how I am obliged and grateful for attending your sessions. I got inspired, changed my way of thinking, and became a more positive person. I am trying my best now to use all obstacles that come in my way to create a new successful leadership story. I started putting my daily addition to my monthly goals in front of me.

Thanks, thanks from my heart and I am going to take notes of the things that you mentioned in our meetingsand in your email below.“

Marwah Al Khaja

Section Head – GSOC-MOCAF

“It has been indeed a long time; however, you are always with me especially if I come across any situation where I apply the techniques that I learned from you. I’ve accepted a new role with H.E Saeed Al Etter at the Public Diplomacy Office. I’m leading the People Diplomacy Center and the Soft Power Initiatives that are part of the Soft Power Council. I can’t wait to meet you to tell you more about my new journey and how excited I am about it.“

Alya Al Hammadi


“Michelle Chedotal is like good French champagne—sparkling, sophisticated, and a source of joy. She adds soul and wisdom to our work in Dubai, a territory she moved to many years ago when it was barely more than a town. A colleague said this: “Michelle brings every course and curriculum alive with incredible depth and integrity. The learning that emerges in the room is second- to-none. Not only do participants feel enriched, but also do too after a weekend leading with Michelle. Always a joy.“

The Coaches Training Institute-USA

“February Newsletter”
Massive Worldwide Acknowledgement

“Words cannot express our gratitude and pleasure to work with you, you have definitely helped us in to look into every talent and situation with a fresh pair of glasses which is our strength and we will definitely work by your words to opt for the best and to unite our efforts towards growing a greater future and a sustainable for our country, especially during such unprecedented conditions. You have differently set a legacy in each and every employee you worked with during this journey, and on behalf of them, all thank you for your support, help, and commitment to all in making this experience success and of great value and impact.

Yes, we agree with you that today, We need leaders of greater effectiveness and integrity, mastery and maturity, courage and compassion, competence and character, consciousness and wisdom.

Thank you so much again and we look forward to future projects with you.“

Maryam Al Blooshi

Director –Talents Department

“Thank you for such a wonderful session!What an experience!You are such an “EXPLOSIVE BLESSING MACHINE”! Thank you for being true in your coaching style. STAY TRUE!“

Alfadhel Al Hemeiri

Dubai Economy

“I would like to thank you once again for your guidance and support through this challenging year. I have not only learned from every session but also enjoyed your coaching style which has encouraged me to think outside the box, challenge myself, develop my skills and expand my perspectives - for this,I thank you once again and pay you my utmost respect and admiration.

Over the duration of our sessions, I have grown in more ways than I could have imagined. You were not only a wonderful Coach to me but also a dear Friend that I confined through moments of internal struggle. I agree with you, that you “don’t coach fora problem to be solved, but for a life to be lived” –and in deed, you have gone beyond serving me well.

Your professionalism and levels of knowledge are unmatched, to me, you are a true embodiment of what. who and how a Coach should be. I would like you to know that your has allowed me to experience a true transformation, in both my professional and personal lives. Be certain that I will carry your words, as tough as they were at times, with me wherever I go – for they have had an exceptional impact on me that will continue to shape my leadership and decisions, every step of the way.“

From the bottom of my heart, thank you, Michelle. Regards

Waleed Saeed Al Awadhi

Chief Operating Officer
Dubai Financial Services Authority

“Michelle Garnier- Chedotal is the perfect mixture of dynamic teachers, challenging leaders, and spiritual guides. She inspires, holds, convinces, and believes in you all the way to your life goals and aspirations

Kinesiology works through the body and unleashes change quickly and Michelle is a master at reading the body and guiding it home. After life coaching and psychotherapy, a few sessions withMichelle has un-raveled issues I didn’t even know I had.

Become a private client or, better yet, enroll in classes to learn everything you can from her.”


President of The American University of Paris
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