Meet The Founder

"There is nothing noble to be superior to someone else. True nobility is to be superior to your former self."

Michelle Garnier-Chedotal
CEO and Founder of KinesioCoach, ICPKPTM (New Zealand) Faculty Member, CTI (USA) Faculty Member, Master Certified Coach - ICF-USA, ORSCC Certified

Her Story

From a young age, Michelle Garnier-Chedotal committed herself to lifelong learning and continuous personal growth.

The principles that have been guiding her in everyday life involve self-belief and sheer determination with positive mental attitude. The breadth of her knowledge is derived from the diversity of the careers with which she has been involved from being an executive in a booming hospitality and leisure sector to becoming a self-made entrepreneur in air-conditioning and refrigeration services for competitive energy and marine industries.

Michelle sought the opportunities to come out of a violent and unhealthy family environment when she was in her young age. It led her to believe that education and clear commitment to self-development were the cornerstones to eliminating individual deprivation and social exclusion. Much of her life since then has been focused on those values in all areas of her day-to-day existence.

"My journey has been incredible. I started out as an au pair girl living in England and Italy from the age of 16 years old, then moved on to work in emergency hospital wards to earn enough money to go back to school and earn a degree” she says.

Michelle has gained through her career in the business world a vast experience at management level and can be referred as a committed executive and achiever. Michelle spent 25 years in the Hotel, Service and Golf Industries where she worked to promote Dubai as an Emerging Golfing Destination in the world and this, for over 15 years. Since 1988, Michelle was also part of her family business dealing in Industrial Air Conditioning and Refrigeration in the Marine and Oil & Gas sectors.Michelle took  the company over as General Manager leading a team of over 60 employees from different nationalities with the intention to rebuild, transform and sell it within a three year period. A target which was successfully achieved in 2012 with CASP being awarded the Dubai Quality Appreciation Award for business excellence and the sale of the company for multi million dollars to an International Dutch Company which took place in 2013.

What was once a hobby, Professional Kinesiology that she studied for years to support her family and loved ones, has today become a full business entity with Michelle’s. KinesioCoach's now ten years old, is an organization integrating both Professional Kinesiology and Coaching for individuals and teams.

Today, Michelle is a Certified Professional Kinesiopractor®, Certified PKP™ instructor, Master Certified Coach, and Energy Specialist. She conducts powerful workshops and privates sessions allowing people to take complete responsibility and ownership of their lives by overcoming their disempowering beliefs, thus leading to a more compassionate environment and greater financial results.

Professional Credentials

  • ICPKP Professional Kinesiopractic® and Faculty member

  • MCC Master Certified Coach (ICF USA)

  • PCC Professional Certified Coach (ICF USA)

  • CPCC Professional Co Active Coach (CTI USA)

  • ORSCC Certified Professional Team and Relationship Coach Organization and Relationship System

  • Jack Canfield Train The Trainer (USA) on Success Principles

  • LCP Leadership Circle Profile Coach

  • Gallup Strength Finder

Areas of Expertise

  • CertifiedProfessional Kinesiopractor®

  • Entrepreneur

  • Leadership & Executive Coaching

  • Team Coaching

  • Personal Growth Coaching

  • Health & Wellness

  • Dietary & Nutritional Science

  • Energy Psychology

  • Holographic & Vibrational Energies

  • Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation & Reintegration

  • Stress Pain Management

  • Learning Enhancement

  • Motivational Speaker

Industry Experience

  • Government (Ministries)

  • Financial Services

  • Oil & Gas

  • Hospitality

  • Telecoms

  • Academia

  • Start-up, Mid-sized, & Large Companies

Other Credentials

  • NLP - Neuro Linguistics
    Programming Master Practitioner

  • Psychotherapy Energy
    Healing Instructor

Certified and Trusted by:

Professional / Academic Excellence

International College of Professional Kinesiology Practice®

  • Accedited Kinesiopractic® Faculty member

  • Graduate Diploma of Kinesiopractic® Level 7

  • Advanced Diploma in Professional Kinesiology Practice

  • Professional Kinesiology Practice Instructor

  • Certified Instructor for K-Power Workshops (Kinesiology)

  • Certificate of Proficiency in Ethical Behavior in Health Care

  • Diploma in Professional Kinesiology Practice

  • Certified in Applied Physiology

  • Certificate in Professional Kinesiology Practice

  • Touch for Health Instructor

  • Certified Practitioner of Neurolinguistics Programming

Professional Coaching Credentials

  • Master Certified Coach (MCCTM) - International Coach Federation (ICF USA)

  • Professional Certified Coach (PCCTM) - International Coach Federation ICF USA

  • Certificate of Completion for Train the Trainer Program by Jack Canfield

  • Certified Professional Coach -Organization Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSCCTM)

  • Certified Professional Co Active Coach

  • Certificate of Completion - Co Active, 1 yr Leadership Program

Achievements & Awards

Senior Assessor for Dubai Quality Award

Michelle has also been working for many years as a Senior Quality Assessor for the Dubai Quality Excellence Award under H E Mohamed Al Abbar when it first started as part of her community service

International Emerging Golf Destination of the World Award

Michelle was the key in putting Dubai Golf on the world map under the leadership of H H Sheikh Ahmed Bin Saeed Al Maktoum who was then the chairman of Dubai golf as a result, Michelle was awarded a lifetime HONORARY MEMBERSHIP AWARD.

Coaching & Feedback Culture Excellence Award 2024 Unleashing Potential - EmiratesNBD

“Feeling honored & humble to receive this award for KinesioCoach from Emirates NBD. A true privilege to work with and to witness an 18,000 people company which believes that an organization cannot outperform the collective of its leadership.”

Michelle Chedotal

About The Founder

Michelle is the owner and founder of Kinesio Coach FZ LLC The First and only Accredited New Zealand Training Institute of Professional Kinesiology Practice (PKP™) offering courses in the UAE operating under KHDA.

She has been living in the UAE for over 30 years Today she proudly calls this country "Home".

Michelle is also a Master Certified Coach, Faculty Member, and Front of the Room Leader for The Coaches Training Institute (CTI USA) with over 18,000 hours of leadership coaching for both individuals teams, as well as co-leading teaching people to become professional coaches.

As a Master Professional Coach, she worked with international and top local organizations as well as high level Government entities over the past 15 years. She has led teams' performance improvement, and leadership initiatives, leading to Award winning organizations She is an expert in her field and her dynamic style ensures that all her courses' delegates leave with some new found knowledge, confidence, and the ability to move forward through powerful accountability.

In her previous professional career, she was key in putting "Dubai Golf" on the world map under the leadership of H H Sheikh Ahmed Bin Saeed Al Maktoum for whom she worked for 15 years with the mandate to win the prestigious International "Emerging Golf Destination of the World Award" back then in the early days.

She has also been working for many years as a Senior Quality Assessor for the Dubai Quality Award under H E Mohamed Al Abbar when it first started as part of her community service.

Her entrepreneurship is highlighted in turning around over in less than three years her own family air conditioning company (oil gas) which she sold for multi million dollars in 2013 to a well known and respected Deutch organization.

Michelle has two children now both young adults born in the UAE, who are also certified coaches, leading today a strong successful leaderfull life in which they are powerfully honouring their authorship.