Leadership Coaching

An outcome focused approach.

Our coaching services are built around a systemic model that enables organizations to focus on outcomes, develop their leadership, and deliver powerful results. Our culture stresses working with clients, not on clients, to deliver powerful impact evoking transformation through our collaborative, courageous authenticity, and forward-thinking style.

Everything starts with the powerful question:

What do you truly want?

Hard Fact: By nature, in general, people are lazy, greedy and impatient!

What we mean by that is, as "people" want things now; usually plenty of them, and we don't always want to do anything about it. We live in the land of "good ideas" and do not so often take the courage and deep willingness to move towards what we truly want or dream of.

KinesioCoach's professional coaching helps get out of those patterns of thoughts and behaviors while starting creating a better human experience.

As a member of the International Coaching Federation, we align with their definition of coaching:
"Coaching is partnering with a client in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential."

Resonant choice followed by clear commitment results in inspired action that creates transformation.

However, evoking transformation does not come from normal behavior, default or safe coaching.
Meaningful action is key to transformation. Taking action moves us from the idea of change to actual change in behavior.

We at KinesioCoach offer the following coaching services

tailored-fit to your personal or organizational needs.

Individual Coaching

Coaches at KinesioCoach are highly qualified either MCC level (Master Certified Coach) and/or PCC level (Professional Certified Coach) by the International Coaching Federation (ICF USA) which can help elevate your personal life and professional career.

Minimum 6 Hours
Discovery Session
Start Date:
Upon Agreement
Coaching Project Price:

Team Coaching

An organization cannot outperform the collective of its leadership. Vision is the courage to imagine and dream about what the organization truly want.  It is courageous and can be a radical act for its future.

Team Coaching liberates the collective power, knowledge and experience that exists within a leadership team by addressing the intangible hurdles around trust, conflict, communication and intercultural issues as well as creating clarity in shared direction, purpose and vision.

No change is sustainable unless it is embodied.

38% probability that improved leadership effectiveness translates into higher business performance.Leadership effectiveness is a primary contributor to business performance.

Upon needs
Pre-assesment Meeting*
Start Date:
Upon Agreement
Coaching Project Price:

Gallup Strengths Finder

Gallup's Strengths Finder assessment can help you identify the strengths of the people working in your teams and capitalize on those.

1.5 hours
Available Date:
As per company request
Assessment Price:
Upon Request

Leadership Circle (LCP)

Leadership Circle 360 assessment is the best-in-class tool that empowers leaders with clear cut insights for their leadership growth.

2 hours
Available Date:
Assessment Price:
Upon Request

Disc Management Profile

Everything DiSC® Management is designed to uncover the unique DiSC styles of managers and adapt their behaviors to more effectively.

1 hour
Available Date:
Assessment Price:
Upon Request

Our coaching objectives

Our coaching process

We make sure you are led by the best.

KinesioCoach's approach to leadership coaching ensures that the individual or team's coaching programs are designed and executed in a way that benefits both the leader and the organization. This perspective implies that the benefits of developing leaders are always focused on supporting the larger organizational objectives.

Our leadership coaches are selected based on the following criteria:

  • Professional certified by ICF or reputed international body

  • Corporate experience (roles held or consulting related)

  • Leadership coaching experience (senior or executive levels)

  • Certified psychometric user (e.g. 360 assesments, personality assessments, strengths finder, etc.)

  • MCC level

  • Front of the Room Leaders for CTI (The Coaching Training Institute USA)

  • Having attended a minimum of one-year Leadership program working on their own leadership approach.

What our clients say

“I have been very fortunate to observe Michelle’s speaking, training, and coaching over the course of a year. She is a profoundly effective presenter and trainer combining her in-depth knowledge of energy healing with her extensive experiences in leadership training. The inspiring command of her subject matter, natural speaking ability, and infectious humor allow her to deliver highly effective strategies and techniques to help release the blocks that are limiting her potential to achieve personal and professional goals.”

Jack Canfield

No.1 Success Coach in U.S.A.

“Michelle Garnier- Chedotal is the perfect mixture of dynamic teachers, challenging leaders, and spiritual guides. She inspires, holds, convinces, and believes in you all the way to your life goals and aspirations. Kinesiology works through the body and unleashes change quickly and Michelle is a master at reading the body and guiding it home. After life coaching and psychotherapy, a few sessions withMichelle has un-raveled issues I didn’t even know I had. Become a private client or, better yet, enroll in classes to learn everything you can from her.”

Celeste Schenck

President of The American University of Paris

Thank you Michelle for an amazing workshop. I enjoyed every minute of it and learned so much. I have already started doing my 5 Tibetan exercises daily. I'm sure we'll meet again soon.

Karen Paterson

PCC, MPA, B. Sc. ME, Executive Partner

“I have been a professional coach for 15 years and traveled the world to lead courses for people who want to become professional certified coaches for the last 10 years. All this time I have had my own coach(s) who supported me to make significant changes in my life. Yet, a session with Michelle is like no other. She is a master at guiding the process and intuitively knowing what questions to ask me that allowed me to have great insights. And since my answers came from the wisdom of my body and not the fear of my monkey mind, the positive effects from my sessions have been profound and long lasting. The marriage of coaching and kinesiology is a match made in heaven!"

Elizabeth Woodbridge


“There was an increasing worry getting my managers to work as a team and improve their time management skills. Since Michelle coached them, the changes have been amazing, and our managers are working better together with the older members having accepted the new. I now have a lot more confidence in my team and their ability to cope in my absence.”

Lisa Hardwood

General Manager of Magus Dubai

“Michelle has highlighted my strengths and shed light on areas where improvement was needed, particularly in regards to my career as well as personal life. She has supported me without removing the responsibilities, made me feel respected and gave me a sense of self-worth. I benefited a lot and truly enjoyed being coached by her.”


Head of Liabilities Management Unit at Emirate NBD

“Dear Michelle. Thank you for the efforts you invested in sensing the needs and providing me with the right advice. I never expected the benefits to be so high. I am learning a lot about myself, identifying my strengths and having clarity about the areas of improvement. Thank you so much!”

Roger A.

“Michelle, I want to thank you for the valuable time we spent with each other it’s an enlightened opportunity for myself and my career. It’s a privilege to meet with a person who is one of a kind, very passionate, and dedicated, you opened both my heart and mind to the things that I didn’t notice or pay attention to. I have been thinking from the moment I stepped out from the meeting door, and I can’t tell you it’s a storm inside my head and a hurricane in my heart! I go through your comments after I finish my working hours so I can digest them very carefully, Honestly, I always hated the question of where you see yourself In 5 years but it’s the time to take it very seriously I’m so glad that I met a person who guided and created great leaders at this age, and I tend and insist on being one of them in the future I can’t thank you enough, and I promise you that you will be very proud of my success. Thank you for bringing out the best in me, you have influenced my life for the better.”


“As I finish the first milestone in my endless learning journey and become a CPCC, I want to thank you for your generous spirit, your aliveness, and your unlimited support during this journey. I will always be glad and blessed to be part of this exceptional energy that you trigger around you. If you need a crew member in future coaching projects, I’m ready! Love you, Michelle”


“Thanks for your kind words & much appreciated. Your efforts and your fruitful cooperation were a great experience for myself & and the organization. We will stay in touch as our relationship doesn’t end with work-related matters but we build on professional social relations as far as we move forward, positive people like yourself will always remembered. Wish you a wonderful day and stay safe and in good health."


“Many thanks once again. I thoroughly enjoyed every discussion and improved month on month – obviously evidenced by a promotion mid-way through the course! I have and will continue to recommend you (specifically) to my colleagues and have passed the completed form to my colleagues in HR. I look forward to seeing you soon!”


“I wanted to start this email with the usual sentence “first of all I would like to thank you……”, but I thought I need to have another introduction for this email for two reasons, first, it is an ordinary introduction, and you deserve an extraordinary one, second, you deserve gratitude from the beginning till the end! So…. My introduction to this email is…. Well… I’ve just said it and you need to act as it has already happened! With this great advice which I’m practicing every day now, and with the experience to ask and ask and ask which I gained, I’m now changing my life into a better one (Inshallah – with a confident tone, not the usual tone!). Attached is our photo which I posted on my Instagram account, the completion form, and guess what… I’m practicing your last advice by changing my email signature to PMO style! Wishing you all the best from my new office in PMO!“

Dr. Hamad Al Hammady

Director of Communication - TEO

“Thank you for sharing your perspectives on Rami and his development journey. I truly admire your ability to bring the best out of Rami and put him on the road to leading with passion and impact. We are blessed to have a coach like you working with our leaders.“

Ramakhrisna Movva

Head of Strategic HR - Emirates NBD

“I truly can’t thank you enough for your insights, and questions, shedding the light on the path I should take! You have made me reflect in a different way! A bit uncomfortably at times and made me rediscover ways to lead and feel. I have learned how to claim, guess what, once I did I got what I claimed for! you made me redirect my finger back to me and fix me rather than blocking people I don’t share values with! So many times you finished my sentences and put words I couldn’t articulate in my mouth ….. thank you million times for making me believe in coaching!“ Thank you again.

Maryam Bahlooq

CEO - Tanfeeth - Emirates NBD

“It has been indeed a long time; however, you are always with me especially if I come across any situation where I apply the techniques that I learned from you. I’ve accepted a new role with H.E Saeed Al Etter at the Public Diplomacy Office. I’m leading the People Diplomacy Center and the Soft Power Initiatives that are part of the Soft Power Council. I can’t wait to meet you to tell you more about my new journey and how excited I am about it.“

Alya Al Hammadi

“Words cannot express our gratitude and pleasure to work with you, you have definitely helped us in to look into every talent and situation with a fresh pair of glasses which is our strength and we will definitely work by your words to opt for the best and to unite our efforts towards growing a greater future and a sustainable for our country, especially during such unprecedented conditions. You have differently set a legacy in each and every employee you worked with during this journey, and on behalf of them, all thank you for your support, help, and commitment to all in making this experience success and of great value and impact. Yes, we agree with you that today, we need leaders of greater effectiveness and integrity, mastery and maturity, courage and compassion, competence and character, consciousness and wisdom. Thank you so much again and we look forward to future projects with you. “

Maryam Al Blooshi

Director - Talents Department - GSOC-MOCAF

“I would like to thank you once again for your guidance and support through this challenging year. I have not only learned from every session but also enjoyed your coaching style which has encouraged me to think outside the box, challenge myself, develop my skills and expand my perspectives - for this, I thank you once again and pay you my utmost respect and admiration. Over the duration of our sessions, I have grown in more ways than I could have imagined. You were not only a wonderful Coach to me but also a dear Friend that I confined through moments of internal struggle. I agree with you, that you “don’t coach fora problem to be solved, but for a life to be lived” –and indeed, you have gone beyond serving me well. Your professionalism and levels of knowledge are unmatched, to me, you are a true embodiment of what. who and how a Coach should be. I would like you to know that you have allowed me to experience a true transformation, in both my professional and personal lives. Be certain that I will carry your words, as tough as they were at times, with me wherever I go – for they have had an exceptional impact on me that will continue to shape my leadership and decisions, every step of the way.“ From the bottom of my heart, thank you, Michelle. Regards

Waleed Saeed Al Awadhi

COO - Dubai Financial Services Authority
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